Success starts with everyone being well in a boarding world.

We do wellbeing, so you can do your best.

Working in boarding is a big part of who we are but any job should not define our whole identity.

This larger than life question presents you with a unique opportunity for you to step back and reflect on your life to date. As a boarding professional, you have the futures of many others in your hands – so it is time for you to take some space to be well in your world?

Simply boarding arms you with the opportunities to answer this question with ease, now or in the future. It is not about ‘What if?’ – it is about ‘When’.


What do you need to be well in your boarding world?

Like many of us, you probably have moments where you wish you could clone yourself. Between the pressures of boarding life, family, friends and health, it can feel like you are being pulled in all directions. You only have one life – it is time to put yourself at the top of the agenda.

Wellbeing and being well are the key to your success both as a person and boarding professional. What you are going through is unique but very important to you.  Your thoughts drive your behaviour. Your behaviour drives your daily actions. Based on the approach of stop, look and listen – Simply Boarding gives you an independent safe space to make small changes that add up to big results.

Leading the way in wellbeing for all in a boarding world.

Bespoke. Online. In time. Face to Face.

Time for change

Boarding Powered Mental Health and Wellbeing designed your way. 

Accredited Wellbeing Training 

With personal experience working in boarding for over 15 years, it is time to answer call. 

Delivery of Adult MHFA Courses with bespoke boarding add ons and i-act training from Jan 2021. 

Take a moment to reflect on how your staff were at the end of term. The same staff that you are asking to empower the 30, 60 or even more boarders in their house. How is their wellbeing? Do your mangers at all levels know the best way to support them so they can be the best for the young people in their care? 


New for 2021 –  Moving from ‘doing to’ to ‘doing with’

Embrace your teams knowledge and change your world.

You already have the answers- your community has the answers that you see. Boarding Iris training approach is a one day your way co production experience. Is it time to have a meeting of your boarding minds coming together to find a shared front line solution. It is time to build on the principle that those who are affected in your boarding community are best placed to achieve better outcomes, and in turn a more sustainable community for care.



It is time to get your house in order.

Move from stress to success, by starting a conversation with Simply Boarding today because your future is in your hands.