Happy in your boarding career?

It’s a simple question. Only you really know the answer. If your answer is no, well you know what comes next. You need to do something about it.


  • If you were ill, you would see a doctor.
  • If you had a legal problem, you would talk to a lawyer.
  • If you had a problem with your car, you would talk to a mechanic.
  • But who do you talk to when you have questions about your career?

Throughout your boarding career, you will encounter challenges and opportunities that affect your professional life. If your career does not take into account your basic ‘me – criteria’ – it is like closing your eyes and picking a career at random from a list.

Do you actually know what your ‘me-criteria’ are?

If we are not working within our values, we may become unhappy. There is nothing worse than being in a career where you are unhappy as it affects the rest of your life. Many people still do this and never take the small steps to define who they are.

Here are some ways that Simply Boarding can support you.

I have just been promoted and want to make the most of this opportunity.

I want to be a Head Of Boarding or Deputy head! How can I get there?

I have just had a disappointing appraisal and want a safe space to talk.

I work in an environment in which I have no trusted colleagues or mentors.

I want to balance my boarding and life priorities.

I know what I want to do next in my career, but I get stuck.

I just want to smile again at work – just smile! I feel I have lost my identity.

I need an external sounding board, a ‘reality check’ and maybe someone just to listen.

Your future, next exitCareer coaching can help you answer this and much much more.

We can take you from where you are now to where you want to be. We provide the safe independent space and the tools you need to take your career to the next level. We offer both online and face to face options. Invest in your career development with us and watch your happiness grow.

When the pandemic hit our boarding landscape, some practitioners lost both their jobs and homes due to the sustainability of theur community. How secure are you ? It is your personal and career capital that keeps you safe in tough times – I know this from personal experience when I was in the redundancy process in one of my jobs. Your future is in your hands and actions. 

New for December 2020 , invest in the Boarding One Account. An account that is just for you where you can take the steps that you need to invest in different areas of your life to build your future on strong foundations. 

It’s time to move from boarding master to career master… please contact us for a free consultation now

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From cv advice, application letters and interview practice – we simply are a one stop shop for success.

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