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Award winning international boardingpreneur, Tracy Shand, operates from a growth mindset that knows no bounds. Read about her story creating a win win for boarding staff around the world.

The boardingologist will see you now.

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Be the one

To stop, look and listen to put yourself at the top of the agenda. Walk the talk you tell others. Join a front line boarding revolution to build tomorrow your way.

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Lead boarding minds

Support your boarding minds of all ages to start conversations that count with accredited mental health training. 

Let’s develop your mental health and wellbeing strategy together. 

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Here for you. It is time to share and care.

One mission : to have at least one adult in every house office trained with an 

accredited mental health course to open life changing conversations.

The next chapter begins with us. Are you ready?

At the heart of why I do what I do lies a single commitment to rewrite the story of mental health and wellbeing in boarding schools around the world. To end mental health suffering in boarding communities by giving each boarding community the knowlege and skills to make a difference to everyone in your community. 

Tracy Shand

Make change now  .

To the way you think.

To the lives of all members of your boarding community.

To open the door to front line conversations to help.

Are you ready to be a go first boarding practitioner?

Are you ready to join my Boarding 16 Mission? 

When you look at your boarding community through the eyes of the staff that serve it – everything changes. Today, the needle has moved sharply towards fostering empowerment and wellbeing across each and every layer in your school.

What makes Simply Boarding different is the way that together we can be the change the boarding world needs. I would love to work with you to change the boarding world – in fact- that’s exactly what I have been trying to do when started this journey and published Boardingology. From experience, I also know that any journey worth taking involves many steps. Take your first step with Simply Boarding, and start the journey to invest together at the heart of your boarding – your people. Your teams, families and every member of your community will thank you for it. 

2020 has not been what any of us expected. But we know despite these twists and turns , boarding never stops. What could you achieve by being trained as am Adult MHFA to support someone else in your community – a college , a parent or someone that you meet ?

Ready to lead the change.   

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Land of Boarding

Boarding Today

Boarding Today

You are more than just boarding.

Just like your boarders need support to be successful, so do you. Who is supporting you? What do you need?

It is time to navigate your next step together.
Are you ready?

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Building Tomorrow

Building Tomorrow

Get the tools to thrive not just survive.

Being agile and adapting is key in todays boarding world. From MHFA training, Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centred coaching to bespoke services.

It is time to build strong foundations together.


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Boarding VUCA is here to stay.

Gain an expert perspective on your situation and develop a strategic boarding plan for getting where you want to go. Your boarding challenge is the subject.

Are you ready to find the solutions together?

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