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We are here for boarding

We are here for you.

Are you ready to be the one?

That means we are here for the boarding staff of today and the leaders of tomorrow. We are here to add one word to your boarding life to build success one person at a time. We are ready to inspire, empower and educate.

About us

Award winning international boardingpreneur, Tracy Shand, operates from a growth mindset that knows no bounds. Read about her story creating a win win for boarding staff around the world.

The boardingologist will see you now.

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Be the one

To stop, look and listen to put yourself at the top of the agenda. Walk the talk you tell others. Join a front line boarding revolution to build tomorrow your way.

Click now to say...

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Be the change

Put the 'i' into your boarding world. Sometimes the simplest things are hard to find. So we created courses just for you to lead yourself into the future.

Career management, wellbeing... all with a boarding brew.

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One word changes everything, doesn’t it? 

What word do you need to add to boarding that means success for you?


Working in boarding education can take you in many directions.

Tracy ShandIt is busy in your boarding world until the one exeat arrives where you can rest. It is also one of the most challenging, rewarding and personally satisfying of careers. At the heart of boarding is the people - people like you.

Investing in yourself is no longer a luxury – it is essential. To lead others you must be able to lead yourself. We know that you are busy, so one word creates a laser like focus for powerful change in your world.

The road to success for everyone is always under construction, so we provide the tools and opportunities to build successful boarding communities by investing in one word you need rather than big ideas. It is time for tomorrow’s skills to reach todays boarding communities to reduce the knowledge – doing gap of your human capital.

Simply Boarding is preparing everyone for tomorrow using proven methods blending training, coaching and consultancy. The power is in the people - your boarding DNA : people, potential and performance. Now is the time for us to build the future of your boarding together one word, one community, one action at a time.

Tracy Shand

Land of Boarding

Boarding Today

Boarding Today

You are more than just boarding.

Just like your boarders need support to be successful, so do you. Who is supporting you? What do you need?

It is time to navigate your next step together.
Are you ready?

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Building Tomorrow

Building Tomorrow

Leave a global legacy of expertise and success.

Learn how to have professional conversations that count one question at a time. Be a pioneer, join us as an Independent Together Coach to provide valuable assistance for all.

It is time to build strong foundations together.

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Boarding VUCA is here to stay.

Gain an expert perspective on your situation and develop a strategic boarding plan for getting where you want to go. Your boarding challenge is the subject.

Are you ready to find the solutions together?

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