2020 changed everything. Now it is time to act..

This is not new, we just do not talk about it.

It is time to open the door to conversations that will support everyone in our community be well in a changing world..

Build for the futureHow it has been done is done !

Together we need to put the ‘i’ into boarding

…………………………….. and the ‘u’ into human. 


Let’s get real – 2020 shone a spotlight on what you all knew, yes really knew , in the area of boarding mental health and wellbeing.

We are at a time in history like no other where change has been accelerated but one thing still stays the same – boarding practitioners on the front line doing their best.



Change starts here … with you. 

Your boarding team work are the CEO’s of futures. But are they okay? What is the cost of if they are not?

Walk into any boarding house and you walk into a home where as a senior leader you have trusted the futures of 40. 50 or 60 young people to a member of staff acting on loco parentis. But, let me ask you this – how do you look after them?

It is not easy for a boarding practitioner to take time off – even when they need to due to the obligation that they feel to their house. They are head of a family of young people. For some boarders, the house may be the only place where they feel safe and empowered. The costs of not addressing mental health in boarding schools is high – high for continuity of care but also for boarding practitioners family and friends. It is time to open doors and provide opportunities, but will you take them?

Join us – let us build tomorrows boarding world together.

It’s really easy to learn something, it’s another thing to open the door of possibility and become the message you want to have for the future boarding world. It is not about what you build. It is about who you build it for. Make your choice now!

The key to unlocking your success is one click away.

Boarding You Now

Stop being in the middle and put yourself at the top of the agenda. From independent listening to creating your wellbeing strategy.

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Mental Health First Aid 

It is not what you think, we train the adults so your community can stay strong at the top … 

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What is one head costing you?

One leader who is not okay can cost everything that has been built. For measurable, high impact support. 

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Boarding 16 

2020 + 1 is a new year . 

2020 + U is the change that the boarding world has been needing for years. But, are you in ?

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This is your moment. A time to invest in you both personally and professionally.

Are you ready to seize it?