A new pair of eyes, a new approach for your success

Are you ready to be the one?

Boarding VUCA is here to stay. You lived it today, but are you ready for tomorrow?

“If the rate of change on the outside exceeds the rate of change on the inside, then the end is near.”

Jack Welch, CEO

New approach for your successConsultancy from the heart of boarding …

What is your answer CEO of futures?

Is the end in sight or many years away?

What is stopping your boarding school community moving forward?

Are you future proof during pandemic times ?

Boarding VUCA, a daily event for many senior management teams around the world. The boarding school market is tough, the landscape has changed forever due to globalisation and economic pressures. Schools have closed, new franchises opened overseas, budgets cut because of falling numbers or staff being made redundant to balance the books. Boarding houses may merge, (un)suitable internal promotions happen – it is all about doing more with less in a fiercely competitive environment.

Reflecting on my time in Asia, there is an old expression (allegedly a Chinese curse) that says,’ may you live in interesting times’. Yes, we do and it is time to define your VUCA boarding world.

Boardingology - Future Options

How have you changed?


How have you changed in the past 5 years to adapt to a new boarding market?


How are your people – thriving or surviving ? How is the pandemic defining your future ?


CEO of futures, how does your day feel? Do you need a independent listener as you carry the schools future on your shoulders?


At the end of the school year, can you relax or are you one boarder away from letting people go?


Is your organisation competitive in this new world or are you just surviving?


How can we help support mental health and wellbeing strategy in your school ?


What is the one question that you do not want me to ask you right now?

Well, I can answer it – your future is in your hands.  

The answer is all always about your people: the leaders, the house staff, the boarders and how they all interact!

Where VUCA meets EXEAT is where you navigate the turbulence that is affecting the life of your community.

With a niche of personal development in boarding education, we are able to offer an innovative approach using a combination of our EXEAT and Vital Signs Models to work with your community to build tomorrow.

Simply take a different EXEAT.  

An exeat, a time out where you can focus on one thing – your boarding challenge.

The EXEAT model looks at your organisation from the inside out using coaching methodology and expertise.

Expect to do an audit or your community

Xray your organisation together from the inside out.

Engage employees and look at ways to increase the value of your human capital.

Act strategically together to capture opportunities and overcome challenges.

Take time to change one thing and apply blue sky boarding.

Are you in Boarding ER ?

It is time to assess your boarding vital signs.

Your boarding front line determine your schools bottom line!

Times are hard, stress is high – let us go back to basics and work with the vital signs of your boarding school.

During these difficult times, your school is going through a period of accelerated change that you did not put in any strategic plan. And.. this is also for every member of your community.

With mental health of your community being key to moving forward, we offer bespoke vital signs packages to keep your community talking and moving forwards.

Your fixed costs  become your biggest assets by working with us.

How we can help you?

It all starts with a conversation. With a niche of personal development in boarding education, we are able to offer a range of consultancy opportunities to your organisation.

We can lunch and learn, have a leadership breakfast or work on a project to your specifications. From a boarding learning walk to address improvement, to front line strategic development planning for senior boarding professionals – we are a one stop shop for a short or longer consultancy. All sessions can be done virtually or with covid secure measures depending n your schools wishes.

You have no control over the rate of change on the outside… it is just going to happen and accelerate. You do have control over what you change on the inside. Your boarding is unique and so is our attention to you.

Special noteTurn uncertainty into opportunity – now and for years to come by starting a conversation with us.


Simply Boarding Consultancy only conducts initial meetings outside of school hours. 

Why? Because it makes sense. Imagine your day being stopped by a consultant asking questions – will you give 100% to it with the school day going on around you?

Email, phone calls, that unknown crisis – so will you?

Consultations are when you have time and space – let’s talk.

Working together means making time for each other, so let me know when you want to catch up.
Are you ready to start now?