New start. New baby. New beginnings.

I am not what has happened to me. I am what I choose to become.

Carl Jung


Are you ready to thrive with your new opportunity?

Do you need to adapt to a transition that is not your choice?

Everyone goes through transitions in life – whether it’s the beginning of your career, a new addition to your family or life after something happens. These transitions offer one of the greatest, shaping moments in your life or they can be of the most frustrating times for you to move forward and make a difference.

  • It is all of you that is taken into the boarding world everyday so.

Boardingology - Create a new way of being

Don’t face this next stage of your life in a state of overwhelm, stress or confusion. Invite me to be your coach and I’ll support you to confidently clarify your best future direction and create a plan for a smooth and satisfying transition.

What you get?

Simply Boarding- what you get

A sounding board

Simply Boarding- what you get

A confidential space

Simply Boarding- what you get

New perspectives

Simply Boarding- what you get

Clarity of purpose

Simply Boarding- what you get


Simply Boarding- what you get


The boardingologist will see you now.

Online. In time. Face to Face.

Don’t look back – you are not going that way. It is time to help you grow into the new identity that you have for a great start in your new world.
A safe space, unlimited support and a change of conversation, check out the packages below.

From here to maternity

Gone but not forgotten – a lot has happened since you welcomed the new addition to your family.

It is time to return to boarding school life after a long break and who would not be nervous!

Take time with us to work out the best ways to combine your professional responsibilities with your new amazing ones! An outside listening ear to help you prepare for success one step at a time.

Schools, don’t lose the continuity in your boarding houses, embrace this new opportunity with a new partner for success. Every maternity return is unique. We provide bespoke solutions for your staff, a supportive learning experience and support group.

Simply boarding MagazineRight start

The escape committee needs a new member. Well done! There is one in every school!

You got the job. It is time to manage your new opportunity your way. It is time to be the leader you know that you can be.

Check out the brochure here.


TransitionYour transition here

Are you in a time of transition in your boarding journey?

There are so many different ones in the game of life. You just want to get back to ‘normal’, but you may feel stuck.

Let’s find your way through together.

Ch-ch-ch-changes happen.

Transitions are inevitable, but simply boarding can walk with you through big change.

You have so much to offer the world, let’s start a conversation.