“Every morning you have two choices, continue to sleep with dreams or wake up and chase them”


A front line boarding professional had a dream. A dream to empower boarding staff around the world to become the best versions of themselves.

Big things start from taking action on one small idea.

Simply Boarding was born.

Boardingology was born.

One idea, huge dreams.

I am chasing a dream to reduce nightmares for you in a boarding world.


15 years living on the boarding extra mile has allowed Tracy to step back and look at ways to help both boarders and boarding staff move forward.

Tracy ShandHaving seen many colleagues, including herself, have both wellbeing and career management challenges, she decided it was time for change.

With the mantra of ‘to lead others you must lead yourself first’, Boardingology was born as the first ever published personal development book for boarding staff. Her writing continues …  as a Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centred Coach. 

With a passion for personal development, becoming an expert in your own life at any age is the key to success. Her boarding career to date spans various positions from the grass roots of boarding, senior leadership and helping to set up boarding schools in Asia. 

A thought leader in boarding education, she has published articles in leading magazines related to boarding education around the world. An active Toastmaster she has presented at conferences in China, Korea, and boarding school associations in Australia, New Zealand and the UK to further raise awareness about personal development in boarding. Recently consulted on the new Mental Health In Boarding Schools Award with Leeds Beckett University to allow boarding schools around the world to showcase their mental health and wellbeing provision. Currently left the boarding front line to study for her PHD researching Boarding Mental Health and Wellbeing. If you have an opportunity or want to catch up , just get in touch.

‘Boardingology is the art and science of boarding excellence. It integrates the power of vision with the science of personal development.Boarding is about living, laughing and learning together. Your future success at any age depends on knowing yourself inside and out.’

Tracy Shand

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