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Boarding and You.

How is the relationship going? It is time to deal with the what if’s, why’s and the why nots!

Providing boarding supportSIMPLY BOARDING - SUPPORT

It does not matter which time zone you work in or what position you hold in boarding school life, one thing is certain.

Everybody wants to bring their best everyday- you want to contribute, use all of your talents and potential. Boarding is a powerful place that allows character to build, talent management to happen and independent to grow.

  • What would happen if you invested as much energy into yourself as you do into your boarding house or school?
  • If you were to put a mirror to your day, or how you feel - if it could speak what would you say?

The boarding world is not an easy place to live in. Living in boarding is like being in a goldfish bowl and when things happen; good, bad or personal; there is no getting away from it. It can always seem much bigger when you are alone thinking about it. You are living a ‘big brother’ boarding environment every day which can be tough and stressful. There is a discrepancy between how well managers feel they support staff versus how well supported employees feel. It is time for change.

Your success is based on one thing – YOU

How you act and react. What you think and how you feel is driving your day and wellbeing – and it is time for change. It is time for you to get the support that you or your boarders need to move forward.

Simply Boarding provides confidential, independent and non-judgmental support that provides you with the space and focus to help you to think about, plan and develop your life. It is time to support your boarding front line from hire to retire?

How can we help you today?

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Provide outside support for your boarders to achieve their full potential.

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Happy in your career? Do you want to move in, move out or up? Your new door is waiting – it is time to get the right key!

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Wellbeing and being well are the same. It is time to get the key to return to boarding your way.

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Transitions are tough! New mum, new promotion, new boarding world - it is time to unlock your success as you open a new door in your life.

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It is time to get YOU back on track. Are your ready to have a conversation?