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Who are we as individuals, and as a sixth form boarding community?

Are you ready to inspire the adults of tomorrow?


Are you ready to build your tomorrow today by changing one thing?

Training as a Sixth Form Independent Together Coach does just that! This cutting edge course will give you the expert skills to make positive lasting changes for every international boarder you work with.

During the sixth form journey the stakes are high and one thing can change everything. Preparing sixth formers for the next stage of their life is a big ask in a world that seems to change with every generation.

Created with boarding professionals in mind, it has plenty of practical experience and has a dual purpose – it can also help you achieve your goals. Coaching is a new way of relating to our boarders both personally and professionally which will give them the edge in a competitive world. It’s a front line boarding skill that means every conversation counts.

Steps to successThere is nothing more valuable – or more rare – than for young people to know their real talents, aptitudes and traits and how to apply them to have the life that they want. What would you apply for if you were 18 today? Have you stuck by the choices that you made for your life when you were 18? Exactly, many of us change in the journey of life!

Secure the happiness of your future alumni by spending some time with us.

Skills for life is what this course provides in an unknown global world.

‘Sixth form students today have it tougher than ever. Defining the first steps of your future in 9 months, less opportunities, more costs – so it is important to get it right the first time. Every conversation counts to help each boarder reach their full potential – are you ready to upskill for success. Creating the future boarding world with this in mind is a ground breaking, exciting and forward thinking innovation.’

Tracy Shand

Are you ready to unlock the door of success?

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