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Are you ready to lead hearts and minds?

Are you ready to answer the wellbeing call in our boarding world ?

Simply answering the call to serve with time and action

Lead the change by inspiring and educating boarding minds. 

The boarding landscape is changing and it is time to put the 'i' back into boarding. With the recent research on mental health and wellbeing, smart schools go back  to the heart of boarding to continue to build strong front line practitioners to lead 30. 50 or even 60 young people to be the best they can be with the gifts that they have. What we think and feel drives our mental health, so it is time to step up conversations and information that counts.

At a time of cutting back, simply dare to be different to support everyone being well for the future. 


One action is all it takes

Are you ready to address the stigma in our boarding world? 

Driven by the insights and experiences from the front line of boarding, our courses are designed to make an immediate impact in your world.

From accredited MHFA options to bespoke boarding bolt ons for different parts of your boarding jouney. Be the change to say every practitioner matters. 

What is our WHY?

Boarding schools need to invest in being sustainable for the long term. 

The boarding landscape is changing. Mental health of everyone is at the front of the agenda.  A strong boarding team will answer the call to lead the next generation for success.

Are you ready to be the difference? Investing in your human resources means continuity of care in a world that is changing daily. 

Standard 21 

When the pandemic knocked at our door, some boarding practitioners had the door closed to the job that they love. 

Unexpected, yes. Difficult, yes - the life that you love disappeared and it was not your fault. 

Standard 21 is a new minimum standard for boarding communities - YOURS. So behind closed doors you can invest in your future. 


Boarding YANA

For too many years boarding practitioner have felt alone - no more ! 


It is the new plus one for boarding schools. community team building and using our collective experience to move forwards. 

Watch out for our new Boarding Yana pop up festivals for boarding schools. 

Dates for your diary : December 2020 

Courses run on demand and at designated dates throughout the year. All other dates on request.
We are happy to host one day courses for a group of schools on request.

Dates in mind... Get in touch and be a thought leader in a new boarding landscape.