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Are you leading yourself for success?

Are you empowering your boarding team for the future?


Smart boarding schools are planning for tomorrow.

In uncertain times, there is one key area that can make the difference to your boarding school – your people. The cost of replacement is much higher than giving your dedicated boarding staff the skills that they need.

At a time of cutting back, simply dare to be different.


Get ahead

Our number one mission? To help you lead yourself in a boarding world.

Not all courses are the same. Simply Boarding provides the perfect platform for you to create your own unique experience to prepare for your future.

Driven by the insights and experiences from the front line of boarding, our two sets of courses are designed to make an immediate impact in your world.

What is our WHY?

The School Of Boarding Life has been created as a unique opportunity for you to step back.

Be inspired in your free time to build your tomorrow.

Build capacity personally or as an organisation to get ahead your way.

Boarding Exeat Café

Schools in for summer at the Boarding Exeat Café.

Are you ready to order some clari- tea with a slice of life?

Courses for you, your career and for boarding couples. Check out the details here.

Organisational Courses

Your boarding development answers are here.

Are you ready to add one more skill to your school community?

Coaching, talent management and right start courses.

Check out the details here or contact your local boarding school association as well.

Dates for your diary : TBC

Courses run at quiet times, such as half terms and school holidays. All other dates on request.
We are happy to host one day courses for a group of schools on request.

Save the dates. Get in touch your new future is one conversation away.