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A rather reflective mood at the boarding exeat cafe as change is on the horizon. Are you ready for 2018? 


As we wrap up 2017, how have you grown? What steps have you taken towards having the future that you want? Have you got your own house in order? 

On 1 January 2018, you open the door to a new chapter...... 

At this time of the year, I always write a letter to my future self to be opened at this time of year. Today I opened this letter and it surprised me how much I had achieved. As always there is always one aspect that I do not do so well on - being a chocoholic is a clue.. but failure is only feedback :)

We have two choices at this time of year- to be sad about what resolutions we have not achieved or celebrate the ones that we have. In today's educational world, wellbeing is the key to sucess and it is how you interpret your inner talk that determines your thoughts, actions and behaviours. As I am composing my letter to open in December 2018, I would like to share with you my boarding wrap that I will be starting on 2 January 2018. 

Your wellbeing is the key to success. Living on the boarding extra mile is not an easy place to stay on - you are flat out in term time and then collapse in the holidays needing to rest and recover. It is important that you look after yourself as they say this is the only body you have to live in. With this in mind, here is