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Everyone has a story to tell. A unique story that defines who you are and how your move forward but ....

Who is holding the pen ?


Every day in a boarding world the conversations that we have with other people can move you towards or away from where you want to be. Remember your enthusiastic new years resolutions....  it is now 11th January and where are you ? I have to say that I have failed in at least one of mine- so better luck next time !

So, are you writing your story or are you letting other people determine the outcome of your day?

Take time over the next couple of days to look at your professional day in boarding through new eyes - your own. I know that it is coming to the end of the longest terms and you are counting sleeps - but just try it!  At the end of the day write down or what has happened and look at what you can control. Most stress is caused by trying to change things that are outside our control. Put it away for 24 hours and re read your story of a day in boarding.

So, who is holding the pen? What one thing can you do right now to make a happy ending?

You deserve to be happy and lead the life you want .... now ... how are you going to manage it  one baby step at a time.