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f you click your red heels, it would be nice if trust could be restored again in a relationship! But, we can learn alot about rebuilding trust in our key boarding relationships from the lion, tin man and scarecrow. You will never view the movie in the same way again.

Trust is imperative in any working relationship and more so when you live and work together ! Things happen, words are said, situations happen where we need to take small steps to build trust again.

According to Randy Conley from Leading With Trust.

What does the Wizard of Oz have to offer us when it comes to rebuilding trust?

Three things: a brain, a heart, and courage.

A brain - think about how you have got to this place . What step can you take to improve things ?

A heart - demonstrate care and concern for others in your team.

Corage - the courage to start the conversation or to listen.

But Randy Conley says it much better than Exeat and I, so check out the full article here.

Enjoy !

PS Red shoes optional ..................