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Sunday 11 March- are you ready to add one more gift to the day? The day where we celebrate mothers day. But , what is your school doing for your boarding mothers, your house teams ? If it is nothing , then please read on.... 

As senior leaders - heads, deputy heads  and some heads of boarding ; we do not work on the front line of boarding !  Reflect back in time on your journey to the top -  you now have  no wake ups, no  lights out and  no prep times and have the welfare of many young people under our roof.  We trust our houseparents to deliver outstanding care by managing their teams- in fact we usually refer to them being in 'loco parentis'.Usually, when overseas I have to admit that I ask my dad to organise the flowers for her but I always write the message. China or Korea does not have interflora- but if it does I have not found it yet. Every year when I am away, my mum smiles knowing that my dad has been in charge of the day !! Choosing a message and flowers may be easy - but I tell you this story for a reason. What message are you giving your boarding mothers on this day ??


There is a quote by John Maxwell that says ' People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care ', so how can you show your boarding team that you care?  In tough times, your people need to come first. When was the last time you showed your house staff that you care about them as a person?

Take time today to think about how your senior team can reward your boarding mothers and matrons for the care that they show to your boarders....... you know your people what one thing could you do to show them that you care? How could you say thank you for all the hard work that they do  ?

I have listed some suggestions for you below - remember it is the small things that make the big difference.

Flowers for them and a card that shows your thanks

A few hours off on the day so that they can spend time with their family. As you may have many houses, you might want to enlist the help of all your team and maybe a different Sunday maybe.

A box of chocolates or something that you know they would like.

A time off voucher for an evening that can be cashed in ( with notice of course ! ) for a member of the SLT to cover the house.

A houseparents / matrons special lunch either on the Sunday or during the week.

The two most important words you can say to a person is - thank you.

I had this revelation today ... now on to order the flowers and create my message. Remember ... it is the same for fathers day  but for me organising that is much easier - he just chooses what he wants no interflora involved !