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So, are you ? When was the last time you had a career MOT ? Well, the time is now - read on boarding professional.

There is an amazing chapter in my book that is called - Are you on someday isle? In our busy boarding world we say someday I will do this ... someday I will do that and to be frank it never gets done ! Being on somedeay isle in a boarding world is like falling asleep on your career. Time flies in , you keep going and then you wake up in a place that you may not want to be in

So, let me share some of the two words that I use to move forward


What could you do if you felt that you could not fail? Come on... give me 3 things. For me it was teaching around the world, inestigating chicken with chocolate sauce and everyday in China I use the try it approach...... and I have eaten and seen some very strange things !! So, quickly moving on ....


What one more thing could you do to make life easier for you? Yes, just one ! It could be buying an extra of your favourites when they are on special - just be careful with the wine :). It could be buying that one book you have been meaning to read or learning that one skill .... you have been talking about for ages. Go on - just do it !


Where do you want to go? What one baby step could you take to get there? Just one teeny weeny baby step ......


Boarding is busy - what do you do for self care? For me I colour in, make cakes ( well chocolate cake with raspberries is healthy - it has fruit in it! ) or go to Toastmasters. Remember to look after others you must make sure you look after yourself.

So, what two words can you use to build your tomorrow? There are many many combinations that I have used during my career to take small steps to be the person I want to be. So, in true two word form - here is the last , but most difficult one


or you could wake up to a nightmare .... and that is not good for you or your boarders .

As you reflect on 2018, you have opened a new door that provides us a new chapter to write the story that we want. When I reflected on 2018 and what boarding practitioners were telling me , I started to create what I call a Boarding Smartspace which is lauched in Easter/ Summer 2019 ... a sneak peak to be shown in the next few days...