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Every new person in our boarding community brings something new to the table of opportunities that we have. So, let us bring together my two favourite things – boarding and cakes?

If you look at when a new leader comes into boarding, they usually start something new. Whether it is a mentoring scheme or a new club for the boarders they are enhancing the boarding experience. So, it is fair to say that any leader (housemaster/ housemistress/ boarding prefect) is someone who brings something new to the table.

What do I mean?

So, let’s look at my other favourite area – cakes. Imagine for a moment that you are making a cake. As long as you keep doing it in the same way, your cake will end up the same each time and every time that you make it. Even if I change the steps, I still make an absolutely awesome chocolate cake. Mmmmm. If I mix it one way and then a different way next time I still get the same.

So one day, I decided to add raspberries to my cake. It was awesome and a combination that I have played with many times. Another time, I decided to use white chocolate and raspberries in a Victoria sponge – amazing! But here is the clue. The secret to making a cake different is to bring in a new ingredient to the mix. Some people may not have thought to add fruit in to a 100% chocolate cake – I didn’t until I decided to be creative and call it one of my 5 pieces of fruit a day.

So enough about cakes –what does this mean for boarding? Take a moment to think about the ‘new ingredient’ that you could bring to the boarding table. In your life, time off, relationships or even the next cake that you bake – take some time to think of adding a new ingredient and take a step further to living the life that you want.

Remember, you are more than just boarding :)