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Where is your compass pointing today ?

This term lots of our boarders will have been completing their Duke of Edinburgh Award. Working in China has meant that the students here have completed their final expedition on the Great Wall – what an experience. They loved it but at times they used the compass wrong and had to do a lot more walking. So, this got me thinking about the idea of a compass and the way in which we choose the directions of our career.

When we were younger, we had direction in where we wanted to go. Do you remember saying …. when I grow up I want to be a …… well my answer was an accountant. Now as an entrepreneur, tai chi teacher some may say that my compass went in the wrong direction. I did not expect to relocate to China for two years or to be writing to you as the boarding life coach. So, how can we focus our compass in the right direction to have the life that we want?

Many of us lack direction in our lives – I did until I met my coach Rachel in 2008. It is with her I found what my next step was and my compass was reset in the direction of success. Let me share what I have continued to do.
I have looked back at what I have achieved so far – how I felt when it went right and not so right. I picked out key people and key times where I felt fulfilled.

I took time to get in touch with my inner feelings – I started a journal after every day in the boarding house about how I felt about pretty much everything and looked for patterns. The day, my interactions, my challenges and I always did this before bedtime so that my brain was clear to sleep. (I used the word download with my boarders). I looked at what I was seeing and the messages my life was sending me.
I then took time away from the house and school to make decisions about what my purpose would be and the future. Then, I planned like I have never planned before ……

I completed this by December 2008 and took the Christmas holidays to look at the practical sides of my plan. I planned when I would resign (even wrote the letter on word), the next steps and everything else I needed as the job that I was in was eroding my confidence and well being- and it wasn’t going to change. It’s why I left boarding and took a career break – after being very good at it for 12 years and making a difference to so many young people. Every since then, I know what I am here for – to make a difference. Whether it be to you as a boarding professional or a young person who needs support – this is my purpose and I have learned a very valuable lesson, the only person that you can change is yourself.  As I look back to my career and life, I realise that my compass has been there as a guide all along but I didn’t realise it. My compass is reset and I am following the direction that I want. I am far more focussed on what I do and what I want.

So, let me inspire you to find the direction in your life that you want. Make the words – but, if only? disappear and be replaced with what next ? Come with me on a journey of discovery with our Boarding Career Compass. It is a new course that will help you plan your career, influence your day to day practice and guess what … it is online so you do not need to leave the house to be the best boarding professional you can be.

So, what is your compass set to and how are you going to get there?