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Steve Jobs, the apple CEO, has had an inspirational career. Our boarders can learn so much from his drive, commitment and vision. From an early age he knew what he wanted to do to move towards his vision. So how can boarding be inspired by this wonderful amazing man?

Inspiration 1 :
"I was lucky -- I found what I loved to do early in life”

Many boarders come to the UK to experience the UK education system. But, do they really take time to think outside the box to do what they love? Do we inspire them to set the goals to move their passion forward? It is a sad fact that many people may not be so lucky to have the opportunity to do something they love ... what a wonderful gift to give to our boarding students. So, what do you love and how can you carve this into a career? PS Sadly chocolate does not count for me ....... unless Thorntons are hiring chocolate tasters that is.

Inspiration 2 :
"Older people sit down [at a computer] and ask, 'What is it?' But the child asks, 'What can I do with it?'

So, can we adapt this new approach to create boarding excellence? What can we do to inspire these young people to follow their dreams? What can we do to create boarding excellence to help a generation of young people to be the best they can with the gifts that they have? When I am teaching and coaching I use the question’ What if ? ‘ ........ so what if you could create the boarding of the future that makes THE difference ? What one small step could you make today.

Inspiration 3 :
“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”

To me innovation was a scary word at age 36 ish. However as I watch younger children have great interest in innovating a simple thing into an amazing toy, I realized that innovation has no limits. The only limit is your imagination. It’s time for us boarding professionals to begin thinking out of the box. So, grab some paper and look at how your boarding community would look like if your innovation had no limits ? As I finish this post in the small hours of the morning, remember that procrastination is not an option here.


Start innovating now! If you are feeling adventurous – seal your innovation ideas with a KISS AKA Keep It Short and Simple