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Peer level coaching for ‘big kid’ boarding achievers.

Is your organisation ready?


SuccessWhat’s at the edge of who you want to be and what you want to create?

Ready to experience boarding growth and unleash the talent of your human capital?

Boarding communities are all about people and potential. But – a thought, what about our ‘big kids’ potential? Capital is required to keep your school going but it is the human capital that makes the ethos and the return on the front line. Your community needs to engage, motivate and develop the talent of today to stay competitive tomorrow.

By training in career coaching with us, we will bring a fresh perspective to the dilemmas of boarding leadership and career management. Based on years of boarding experience and coaching science, my approach is ‘you-shaped'…and I don't offer a ‘one size fits all' solution. It is about you as a manager bringing out the expertise of your staff using a set of tools and ways of working that can.

Why is it that after many years of working on ourselves, many of us are still not expressing the ‘real’ career potential that others know we have?

‘It is a privilege to train boarding professionals at all levels who want to inspire generations. Most professionals today under value what they have to offer the boarding world. It is time to embrace a new way of thinking where we are empowering people the smart way.’

Tracy Shand

Join us as we consider the answer to this very important question and work together to build your future steps to boarding excellence.

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