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Equipping you for the boarding fast lane

Starting a new boarding position is charged with uncertainty. You have the futures of others in your hands. Your performance during the first few months marks the difference between surviving and being truly awesome! 

New for Sept 2015, you are able to have the best of both worlds to make the impact that you want in your new position. Congratulations, you have got the job that you wanted or the employee that is a great fit for your organisation. This is only the start. 

Now comes the human part! On paper and in person, there can be significant differences. It is about making it work, for you and your community. It is not about having the right keys, learning on the go or just making do – it is about a positive impact and experience. Whether you have been appointed internally or externally, now is the time to consider the support that is put into making your next stage successful. Any new promotion or appointment is a risk - to you, your school and the next generation.

What is the cost to your school of a new member of staff who does not work out? 

What is the cost to your boarders each time a member of house staff changes?

Boarding Right Start has been created to minimise this risk and maximise the return to your school in the first 90 days. There is documented evidence that the first 90 days are crucial to whether the new leaders in your school are seen as a success; and worth the investment of time , money and at times stress. This program gives you the best of both worlds, an independent space to find your feet as well as blended options of face to face and a unique online platform.

For the price of a one day inset, we can give you or your new staff the right start to make the difference. One choice fits all… let us work together to give you the right start.

Check out the details here and get in touch today as there are limited places.






"Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make. It will not only improve your life, it will improve the lives of all those around you"
(Robin S Sharma)

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