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A new generation of consultancy for boarding schools


How do I move my boarding community forward?


It's always about your people:
the leaders, the house staff, the boarders and how they all interact!

Allow Simply Boarding to help you move forward to minimise the gap that stops your community from reaching their full potential. The investment that you make in your boarding community now, will bring greater dividends in building tomorrows boarding world.

With a niche of personal development in boarding education, we are able to offer a range of consultancy opportunities to your organisation. We can lunch and learn, have a leadership breakfast or work on a project to your specifications. From a boarding learning walk to address improvement, to front line strategic development planning for senior boarding professionals – we are a one stop shop for a short or longer consultancy. 

Start Up Boarding Coaching
Group and 1:1 delivery
Strategic Development  Boarding Audits – SEF  Career Management and Workshops 
Talent Management  Tutor as Coach Skills Safeguarding 
Inspection Support  Leadership Development  YOUR PROJECT HERE



Special Packages for unique boarding communities

Boarding + is a set of tailor made packages that provide a combination of consultancy, coaching and personal development. By adopting an innovative approach, we can collaborate together in a stimulating environment to move your community forward. Your boarding is unique and so is our attention to you.

Would a Boarding Plus package work for you?
Boarding schools go through cycles of need depending on inspection preparation and staff retention. We offer a purchase plan for a set number of days per year.

Do you have a project for me?
For the price of a days supply, I can provide a package for you. Do you have a day to spend with your new head of boarding to go through inspection regulations? Of course not, schools are busy places and no two days are the same. But I do – and if the inspection goes wrong it will cost you much much more.

Contact us to begin a conversation…....

With the launch of Boardingology, consultancy space is limited during 2016/17 to dedicate time to improving wellbeing at the heart of boarding.

Are you in Boarding ER ?

It is time to assess your boarding vital signs.

Times are hard, stress is high – let us go back to basics and work with the vital signs of your boarding school. Based on statistical measures about your people, we capture key information to plan for your boarding future. Together, we will analyse your data and increase the value of your human capital using people strategies that work. Your fixed cost can now become your biggest asset. Contact us today.



"In times of change learners inherit the earth; while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists."
(Eric Hoffer)

Simply Boarding is a sister company of Boardingology