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It does not matter which time zone you work in or what position you hold in boarding school life, one thing is certain. YOU deserve to have the life that you want. Let me ask you this.

What would happen if you invested as much energy into yourself as you do into your boarding house or school?

If you were to put a mirror to your day, or how you feel – if it could speak what would you say?

Yes, it is a no brainer. Life would be very different to what you are living today. Nearly everyone feels “stuck” at some point in life. The boarding working world is not an easy place to be. Unfortunately, not everyone is trained, insightful or objective enough to offer the best advice. But now you can have that advice anytime in your personal accommodation or on your kindle! Living in boarding is like being in a goldfish bowl and when things happen, good; bad or personal, there is no getting away from it and it always seems much much bigger when you are alone thinking about it.

As we all know one thing can change everything – one new boarder, one new senior manager, one inspection, one new staff member or just one emotion. Emotions drives your day to day actions.

Boardingology integrates real life global boarding experience with the latest cutting edge skills in personal development. Your success is based on one thing – YOU, how you act and react. From managing your lifestyle, career management so that you are not the only one left on the ‘escape committee’ or strategically managing the day to day dynamics that is affecting your happiness - there is something for everyone at any stage in your boarding journey.

Boardingology is packed with valuable tools, insights and stories that you can apply immediately to deliver real lasting benefits for you, your teams and your boarding communities.

So, it is time to make your duty time work for you. It is time to put the 'i' back into your boarding world.  Your new personal boarding handbook can empower you to be successful in all dimensions of boarding life.

Are you ready to do BIG things in YOUR world?

Contact us today to welcome the new addition to your team that will make the difference for YOU in generations to come. Available to purchase on Amazon now. For bulk  or international orders please get in touch.

For every book sold, a contribution will be made to an organisation that supports children in boarding.


time for change

A note from the Author Tracy Shand

"A concept whose time has come, Boardingology is the key to your success. Boarding today is building tomorrow, so what are you building for your future? It is time to put the i back into your boarding school world one step at a time."


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