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Inspection Island - A holiday with a difference

Simply Boarding - ManagerOne phone call and within minutes you are departing for a holiday destination with a difference.
A 20kg case packed with National Minimum Standards, ISI or Ofsted guidance and more than enough policy reading for the journey ….. your time will not be stress free at the bar!

Inspection Island is a lonely place that is inevitable in the land of boarding. Whether on a two or three year cycle, we all end up there at some point. We provide impartial and independent support for Heads of Boarding and boarding teams before, during or after their vacation on the island that makes a difference.

The boarding world is listening…
now what will your inspection say ? 

CONTACT SIMPLY BOARDING TODAY for impartial, independent guidance for you or your team.

Passport Tips For Inspection Island

  1. Take an A3 art book – put each standard on a page and write down what you have done already. Ask your team to do the same – collect the information together and you have a plan. Now evidence it. Colour compulsory – chocolate optional.
  2. Ask the SLT for a planning day each term –let them take the boarders out while the team go through your strategic inspection plan.

Simply Boarding is a sister company of Boardingology